The Benton Primary Care Health Clinic in Kentucky

Baptist Health Paducah: The Benton Primary Care Health Clinic

The primary care health clinic in Benton offers appointments and urgent care for walk-ins. Learn more about Baptist Health Medical Group Benton’s primary care.

The Benton Primary Care Health Clinic in Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Frances Horn, DO, Family Medicine, Benton:
Baptist Health Medical Group Benton was established to provide primary care to the local population in Marshall County.

At this clinic, we are able to care for pretty much all your needs. We can provide care for newborns to 90-100, however old you [are]. We provide for the whole age range.

We can do your standard healthcare visits. We can do acute-care visits. If you cut yourself, I can stitch you up. If you’re sick and vomiting and need fluids, I can give you fluids here. If you need an X-ray, we can X-ray you. If you need ultrasound, we can ultrasound you. We pretty much do everything you need in a primary care setting here. So hopefully, we’re going to find that alleviates the need to transition over to the ER for minor things, and free up the ER for the big things, and take care of those things in a clinic situation.

We do walk-ins. We do scheduled [appointments]. We have extended hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, and on Saturday, we have 8 a.m.-noon hours. We’ve had people come in indicating that they couldn’t get into their doctor for weeks. We have that opening, and we can take care of you at this time. We’re excited to be here. It’s been fun meeting new people, and it’s like getting a second family. So, we’re excited about this.

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