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Our breast health navigators are here to answer your questions before a breast biopsy and offer support throughout your care. Learn more about breast cancer navigation.

Breast Cancer Navigator in Paducah, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Mindy Cartwright, RT, Breast Navigator:
My role at Baptist Health Paducah is that I actually begin with a patient whenever they come in for their diagnostic imaging. When a patient is told that they need a breast biopsy, I will introduce myself. I’ll explain the procedure to them. There can be a lot of anxiety that goes along with that, when they’re told that they do need a breast biopsy.

Robin King, patient, Paducah, Kentucky:
I received a call from Mindy, the cancer navigator, and she was just like an angel to me. She just took over. She told me not to worry about things, to let her take care of things, and she did.

I’m able to be there the day of their biopsy to help assist in the biopsy, and then I can follow that patient through after their pathology results. If it were to come back positive, then I’m able to be there throughout their entire journey. There are many different ways I can help a woman once she goes through her breast cancer journey. My main thing is just to be an educator. I can provide resources for the patient, if there was something to arise that was going to delay her from getting any care. My main thing is just being able to be an encourager and a cheerleader and to be there whenever they need emotional support.

I want women to know how important it is to do their yearly mammograms. Don’t miss that; that’s the chance to find this early. I want them to know there’s a Mindy here. There is a navigator who’s going to step you through this when you have all that fear. There’s going to be somebody to lean on.

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