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Baptist Health Paducah has the necessary resources for emergency c-sections if it becomes necessary for your pregnancy. Learn more about cesarean deliveries.

Emergency C-Sections in Paducah, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Blair Tolar, MD, OB/GYN:
An EXIT [ex-utero intrapartum treatment] procedure is a delivery process where we have a baby with certain abnormalities. It’s done at the time of cesarean section, where we try to deliver the baby. With Haleigh, we picked up an abnormality on the ultrasound around 30 or 32 weeks with a mass on the baby’s neck. We sent her to specialists with the ultimate plan for her to deliver in Cincinnati.

Haleigh Moore, patient:
I went into labor on my own. I rushed here and ran through the labor and delivery doors, and once I’d reached about four centimeters dilated, they realized that it wasn’t going to stop. If she was to continue to come naturally, it wouldn’t be good. Then, that’s when they decided to do it here.

Dr. Tolar:
It was one of those situations where it wasn’t the plan, but we have all the necessary resources here. We have 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ear, nose and throat doctors. They’re very skilled at securing difficult airways. Then, anesthesiologists — we had to have two there, one to take care of Haleigh while she was under, and another to help make sure the airway was protected, so whenever the baby woke up from the anesthesia, the baby could breathe. At the basis of this, it is a cesarean section. It requires all hands on deck from different specialties. Like I said, obstetrics, anesthesiology, ear, nose and throat and neonatology. We have all of that here. One of the core principles, one of the givens at this hospital, is teamwork. We all pitch in to take care of patients in an emergency-type setting. It’s reassuring, but it’s a given. That’s just what we do.

Edward O’Neil, MD:
They were able to successfully perform the EXIT procedure and stabilize the infant for transfer where the appropriate surgeons and specialists could address her needs. Once that was successful, she was able to heal. Vanderbilt sent the baby back to us where we could work on feeding and other premature issues, things that she was going to have to deal with, and work with her in terms of allowing mom to be able to feed her so that they could go home.

The fact that I was able to have her here, that they were able to do the procedure as well as they did and take care of her, it meant a lot. It meant the entire world knowing that I was able to be close to home — right down the street from where I live — have her here, and know that she was in good hands at home in Paducah.

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