What Family Medicine Means in Paducah, Kentucky

Baptist Health Paducah: What Family Medicine Means

Family medicine providers focus on helping families become and stay healthy through prevention and lifestyle management. Learn what to expect when you visit a Baptist Health family medicine practice in Paducah, Kentucky.

What Family Medicine Means in Paducah, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Michael Watson, DO, Family Medicine:
I think the biggest goal for primary care is to focus on prevention and to focus on lifestyle management. The biggest thing that I tell people is, it’s worth having someone screen, ask some questions, do an exam once a year to identify things that might be a problem before they’re actually a health concern.

I take care of patients from all ages. I’m trained to take care of newborns, adolescents, and the entire pediatric medicine. I take care of geriatric patients, and I take care of everybody else on this journey of life in between.

With my practice being part of Baptist Health, it’s easy for me to make referrals to provide testing and to order imaging for patient needs beyond whatever I can take care of in our office. Many of those specialists are a phone call away. Our office staff works together with them, and it’s easy for us to be able to accommodate extra needs that a patient may need.

What I like most about family medicine is that I get to see the entire family and I get to understand their dynamic as a family unit. Knowing the health of the parents allows me to better take care of kids because I know more about what to screen for, I know more about risk factors, as they age and as they continue to grow and develop, than I would if I was just seeing them as an individual.

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