The Newly Renovated Mother-Baby Unit at Baptist Health in Paducah, KY

Baptist Health Paducah: The Newly Renovated Mother-Baby Unit

The newly renovated Mother-Baby unit at Baptist Health Paducah provides a relaxing environment to help settle in with your new family. Learn more today!

The Newly Renovated Mother-Baby Unit at Baptist Health in Paducah, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Lisa Parnell, RN, PhD, director, Mother-Baby Unit:
About six years ago, we started renovating and developed our 20-bed, Level 3 NICU. Now, we have been renovating Mother-Baby. We have taken a 40-year-old unit and upgraded it to the 21st century.

Gloria Tarver, RN, Mother-Baby Unit:
With the setup of this room, our patients are not crowded, and I’m not in their space. Allowing this renovation has really opened it up for us, to be allowed to generate consistent care. We can be in one spot, and they can be in another, but yet we’re still together and still able to manage their needs right here in one central location.

Everything that was designed at Mother-Baby was designed to help the family relax with their new family. It’s a new experience for everybody. It’s scary for everybody. We’ve taken what we feel is a hospital setting, it still has all the hospital equipment so we can do any kind of emergency we need to, and disguised it as a classy, hotel-like room. The atmosphere is made for you to relax and enjoy your new family.

I have worked in the Mother-Baby unit for about 43 years. My patients give to me as much as I give to them. If they’re blessed, I’m blessed. If they feel that I’m blessed, they’re blessed. That’s exactly what has made me stay and [feel] connected to this unit for all these years.

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