Primary Care Clinic in Calvert City


Baptist Health Paducah: Primary Care Clinic in Calvert City

Baptist Health understands the importance of having a family-centered primary care provider. With limited access to primary care in western Kentucky, we’re pleased to provide families with an option in Calvert City. Learn more about our family medicine office in Calvert City.

Primary Care Clinic in Calvert City HealthTalks Transcript

Ashley Jessup, MD
We are very fortunate to have a primary care clinic here Calvert City. There is limited access to primary care in the western Kentucky area. Everyone does need a medical home where they can go for their primary care. That includes preventive healthcare, immunizations, lab testing. We’re able to provide all of that right here in Calvert City and not have the patients have to travel all the way to Paducah or other cities. They can do it here locally.

Those who get sick can call us that morning. We’ll get them on the schedule some time that day.

Autumn Anderson, Calvert City, Kentucky
When I found out that Dr. Jessup was starting here in Calvert City, I was thrilled. I knew she could see my family, from my husband to my children. Then, when I realized Dr. Jessup had a pediatric background, that was even better since I had a four-week-old, and I was afraid I was going to have to seek care elsewhere.

Dr. Jessup
Family medicine sees [patients] from birth until death. They get all of their care in one location. We can treat mom, dad, kids, everyone at the same location. You get to know the family as a whole and understand the family dynamics as part of family practice instead of just seeing them as one single person. You understand the family dynamics as well.