Physical Therapy Using Prism

Baptist Health Madisonville: Physical Therapy Using Prism

Physical therapists Brittany Blue and Marianne Ramsey describe the Prism device, which helps train patients to walk again after experiencing surgery, trauma or other conditions.

Physical Therapy Using Prism Health Talks Transcript

Brittany Blue, PT, DPT, Physical Therapy
It is very common for patients to come to physical therapy after various traumatic events or neurological events and not be able to walk, and feel very insecure and concerned about falling when trying to be mobile. The Prism device is a body-weighted support gait system that allows the patient to feel more confident and secure in being able to walk.

Marianne Ramsey, PT, CIMI-2, Physical Therapy
All types of patients really can benefit from the use of the Prism. Many different diagnoses, from stroke patients, traumatic brain injury patients, amputees, post-surgical replacements such as total hip or total knee patients, as well as our pediatric patients … perhaps those who have cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, and just general weakness or balance problems. It actually makes the patient feel a lot more confident in their therapy. It makes them want to try more challenging activities, whereas before they might have been hesitant because they were scared of falling.

The system will provide the patient with instant confidence once they feel the support system around them when they stand up. The moment that you see a person go from not being able to walk for many months to even a year or longer and being able to walk is one of the most rewarding moments that I’ve ever been able to actually experience.

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