Common Poisonous Spider Bite Symptoms


As people get outside more this time of year, interaction with nature is a foregone conclusion and bug bites become all too common. Unfortunately, that also means there is increased potential for a spider bite as well.  While most cringe at the thought of having contact with a spider, only a few arachnids are poisonous to humans.  Yet, those that are venomous can cause a number of health issues so it is important to know those conditions that alert to that of a poisonous spider when dealing with bites of any kind.

  • Significant pain or swelling around the bite mark
  • Burning or itching sensation
  • Abdominal pain or cramping
  • Excessive sweating or cold chills
  • Fever
  • Body aches
  • Shortness of breath

The black widow and brown recluse are the most well-known venomous spiders and while neither are inherently deadly to humans, associated symptoms can cause significant health issues and could be fatal to young children or the elderly, depending on one’s reaction to the venom.  It is important to take caution in wooded areas or in cool, dark places that might be prone to spiders of any kind to avoid contact altogether and if you suspect you may have been bitten by a poisonous spider, seek medical attention immediately.

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