Pros & Cons of Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers seem to be on wrists everywhere. But is a fitness tracker the magic bullet you need to achieve better health?


It’s easy. A fitness tracker (surprise!) tracks a number of things automatically, including steps taken, calories burned and sleep quality. You get immediate feedback from them – you will know exactly how many steps you’ve taken, which allows you to adjust your activity level. Plus, they will make you want to move. Sit still too long and the fitness tracker will vibrate.


It can be inaccurate. If your fitness tracker is not calibrated correctly, or if yours isn’t great at tracking something other than walking and running (such as strength training), you could be pinning your fitness hopes and dreams on false data. There can be a risk of overeating as well. If your tracker tells you that you’ve burned 500 calories you might be less likely to turn down that second piece of cake.

The bottom line is that a fitness tracker can give you the jolt you need to get moving. But before you buy one, figure out what your goals are and find the gadget that best fits them.

Check out these tips for buying a fitness tracker.

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