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Baptist Health Floyd: Treating Injuries with Platelet-Rich Plasma

PRP injections use your own plasma to help treat injuries like tennis elbow by increasing blood flow to the affected area.

PRP Injections in New Albany, IN HealthTalks Transcript

William Davis II, DO, Sports Medicine:
PRP is platelet-rich plasma. It’s where we take your blood from you and spin it down in a machine — in a centrifuge — and get rid of the blood cells and keep the platelets. The platelets house a lot of the cell signaling pathways, a lot of growth factors, and the healing potential of your own blood. Essentially, if you want to think of it, it’s your own immune system lassoing or harnessing your body’s ability to heal, and putting it right where we need it.

Devin Lukes, patient:
I tore my MCL two times in my football season in my sophomore year. On the second one, they said that I would need surgery or I would need to do a new procedure. It’s called a PRP shot, and that’s what we did.

Dr. Davis:
The risks of a PRP injection are little to none. You can’t react to it. You can’t be allergic to it. It’s your own blood. The benefits are increasing blood flow to that area and increasing your inflammatory response so that your immune system reacts to that area. This really helps to look at and heal an area that’s been chronically injured or even acutely injured. If you have good platelet response and good platelet function and your immune system is functioning appropriately, for any injury, PRP could be helpful. There’s a very broad population of patients who could benefit from or could use PRP.

John Lukes, patient:
I tore a ligament in my elbow. My son had the injection prior, so I knew about it. When I tore mine, there was a good chance for it to work for me. I came and got the same injection, and it worked great.

Dr. Davis:
Whether you’re a young athlete or you just enjoy being active and working in the yard and you have a muscle injury of that nature, my goal with PRP is to get you back to doing what you love.

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Treating Injuries with Platelet-Rich Plasma

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