Alternatives to Emergency Room Visits

Baptist Health Richmond: Alternatives to Emergency Room Visits

Doctor MATTHEW FAIN, MD helps explain the types of conditions that require emergency care and describes illnesses that can be treated faster in an urgent care center.

Alternatives to Emergency Room Visits Health Talks Transcript

Matthew Fain, MD, Emergency Medicine:
As the name suggests, emergency room would require an emergency medical condition, examples of which would be: chest pain, abdominal pain, shortness of air, stroke-like symptoms, trauma, major injuries and things of that nature. At Baptist Health Richmond, we see 32,000 ER patients a year, so it’s very important that, with limited healthcare resources, everyone utilizes the opportunities for care appropriately. People often arrive in the emergency room for conditions that aren’t emergency medical conditions – viral illnesses, sore throat, earaches, toothaches, things that aren’t such time-dependent, all of which would be better managed from an urgent care facility. They offer advantages to the emergency room, which include: oftentimes, you can be seen quicker by the provider, less wait time, you may see the same physician on more than one occasion, which may optimize your medical care. The Baptist Health Urgent Care is located at University Shopping Center at the Eastern Bypass in Richmond, Kentucky. At Baptist Health Richmond, we are undergoing a major renovation in the emergency room. We will be expanding to 20 private beds. The providers and the nursing staff are very excited about getting into our new facility. The renovations should be completed in August of 2016.

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