Cardiac Cath Lab Technology in Richmond, Kentucky

Baptist Health Richmond: Cardiac Cath Lab Technology

Baptist Health’s cath lab in Richmond has been renovated to improve patient safety and care. Learn more about the heart cath lab and its new technology.

Cardiac Cath Lab Technology in Richmond, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Scott Cook, MD, Interventional Cardiology:
Here at Baptist Health Richmond, we’re very excited about our newly renovated Cath Lab. We brought in a bunch of state-of-the-art technology associated with the Cath Lab that’s really going to benefit not only the community, but the patients of Richmond who go to heart cath or have coronary angiography, and also our staff and providers.

Larry Todd Breeding, MD, Interventional Cardiology:
Having state-of-the-art imaging capabilities greatly impacts patient safety and care because it allows us to visualize the arteries of the heart with much greater detail and much greater accuracy. In addition to improving our standard X-ray imaging capabilities, we are now able to incorporate an imaging technology that allows us to visualize the inside of the artery, which gives us very accurate details about the specifics of a particular stenosis and how we would approach treating that with a stent. It also allows us to optimize the stent result that we achieve, leading to improved patient outcomes, which is our ultimate goal.

It’s relatively rare to see imaging capabilities of this quality in community-based, rural hospital settings. We are extremely fortunate to have this here at Baptist Health Richmond, and this should greatly improve our ability to care for heart patients in the future.

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