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Compassionate cancer care provides comfort and support for patients going through a difficult time in their lives. Learn more from Baptist Health.

Compassionate Cancer Care in Richmond, KY HealthTalks Transcript

Stephanie Stambaugh, RN, Cancer Care:
Our cancer care team is made up of certified oncology nurses. This is important because it validates that we are specialized in our area and that we are more equipped at being able to take caution and recognize problems and concerns that can occur along the way. We can act promptly to help promote better patient outcomes.

Paint the Town Pink and the Baptist Health Richmond Foundation have provided amenities for patients, such as warm blankets from our warm-blanket machine, as well as heated recliners for our patients they can use as they’re getting their treatment.

We also have help from our community, which has been very engaged in our team here at Baptist Health. We have a dog named, Abby, our therapy dog. She comes and visits our patients. We also have gifts from the homemakers in our community, such as beautiful lap quilts and blankets that we can give to our patients, as well as other comfort items, such as toboggans that they have made for the wintertime.

I went into nursing to help patients and be able to be there for them during a very difficult part in their life, to touch them in any way that I can, and to provide them comfort and support. At Baptist Health Richmond, you’re going to get that from all of our staff. Taking care of our patients is our top priority — providing them the best care they can possibly receive to help them get through this very difficult time in their lives.

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