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COPD is caused by smoking and air pollution, and over time may lead to shortness of breath and cough. Learn more about COPD treatment to improve quality of life.

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Erica Gregonis, MD, Pulmonary Care:
COPD encapsulates several different disease processes, such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema. It stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease — diseases that impede airflow for patients. Here in the U.S., the number one cause is smoking, but it can be really any kind of inhalational injury people get. Any kind of air pollution can cause it, such as secondhand smoke, and different types of dusty, dirty environments can cause it as well. 

COPD patients will tell you that, over time, they develop more shortness of breath. They will chronically have a cough. Sometimes they’ll have wheezing, but they’ll really notice that they have more limitation of what they can do every day. They get more short of breath with more activity. COPD is an irreversible disease, meaning the damage done to our lungs is permanent. It doesn’t mean your symptoms have to be the same for the remainder of your life.

Ways that we would treat COPD would be through inhalers, nebulizer treatments, some people end up needing supplemental oxygen, but the whole goal is for them to have a better quality of life, for them to be able to do more with their day before they get short of breath. Here at the COPD clinic at Baptist Health Richmond, we always want for patients to be able to see their clinician and the pharmacist at the same time, help them streamline and make sure they’re on the appropriate medication regimen, and to be able to talk [it] over with the pharmacist and their clinician. We want to make it convenient for them and do everything we can to keep them healthy and out of the hospital.

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