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Baptist Health Richmond: Richmond’s Mobile Clinic

Baptist Health Richmond‘s mobile clinic enables patients to seek healthcare who otherwise may not have access. Learn more about the services offered.

Mobile Health Clinic in Richmond, KY, HealthTalks Transcript

Tabitha Humphrey, APRN, Family Medicine:
Here at Baptist Health Richmond, we started a mobile clinic so that we could address the social determinants of health in our community here in Richmond. The mobile clinic is a patient exam room that we put on wheels and brought out into the community so that we could reach patients who may not have access to healthcare otherwise.

Kevin McCarron:
OnRequest Mobile Clinic is equipped with [highly advanced] equipment. There is a wheelchair lift built into the back of the vehicle for ADA accessibility, and the entire space is climate controlled. There’s also a full refrigeration unit on board, allowing for special storage of medicines and vaccines.

The mobile clinic is imperative to our community. We have a big community of undertreated population. We have homeless. We have indigent populations. People live out in the community and may not have family members or a primary care provider, but they suffer from mental illness and chronic issues, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. They’ve gone for years without having the care they need. A lot of people kind of get hopeless when they don’t have resources or don’t know where to go. By coming to them, we can provide them with those resources, so they can improve their quality of life and their overall well-being, and we let them know that we see them and they’re going to be taken care of as well.

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