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Baptist Health Richmond: Urolift Treatment Procedure

The Urolift procedure is for men with enlarged prostates who are looking for symptom relief from urinary problems. Learn about Urolift from Baptist Health.

Urolift Treatment Procedure in Richmond, Kentucky HealthTalks Transcript

Andrew Todd, MD, Urology
In many men, our prostates grow over time, and it’s very common for men to develop growth of the lobes of their prostate on the two sides or even one up from the middle that can obstruct them and make it difficult to urinate as they age. It’s incredibly common for men to have lower urinary tract symptoms.

Here at Baptist Health Richmond, we offer both the UroLift® procedure, as well as a multitude of other procedures. The UroLift procedure is for men who are suffering from urinary symptoms who do not want to take medications or want to get off them. It has no rate of erectile dysfunction, which is not the case for some other procedures for enlarged prostate.

It typically takes about 15 minutes to place several implants to create a nice open channel. A small telescope is placed in the patient’s urethra inside their prostate, and the small implants are deployed to pull back and open up the lobes of the prostate. Urinary problems — having to get up multiple times at night to pee, having a slow urinary stream — are incredibly common, but it is something that men don’t have to necessarily live with for the rest of their lives. This is an excellent option to treat them in a noninvasive way that can offer many men symptom-free relief for a long time.

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