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Robot-Assisted Knee Replacement in Lexington, KY, HealthTalks Transcript

Michael E. Kirk, MD:
There are two major ways of doing a knee replacement surgery, or total knee arthroplasty surgery, as it’s formally known. One is by manual instrumentation and the other is robotically assisted.

[For] the robotically assisted technique, the way that it’s designed is it takes the data that you require intraoperatively, intraoperative measurements of range of motion and gap balancing. Another technique called measured resection is where you can actually say to the computer, “we want a totally balanced knee at the end of this procedure, what is that going to virtually look like?” We can take that and actually use the robot to replicate that scenario, with precision and accuracy.

With the system that I’m using currently, it generates a 3D model, which is visually satisfying for me as a surgeon. This is what the end of their femur looks like, this is what the top of the tibia looks like, and then we can decide what sort of cuts we’re going to make on the end of the bone that will perfectly balance that knee at the end of the day. From a surgeon’s perspective, that’s real-time data that I can utilize and say, “OK, not only does it feel good, but I have the numbers to support it.”

I love this technology. I love what it’s doing for me as a surgeon, and I love what it’s doing for my patients.

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