The Role of Primary Care Doctors in Madisonville

Baptist Health Madisonville: The Role of Primary Care Doctors

Baptist Health’s primary care doctors play an important role in the lives of their patients, helping them with everything from everyday aches and pains to chronic illnesses. Learn more about when to go to urgent care vs. primary care doctors for health issues.

The Role of Primary Care Doctors HealthTalks Transcript

R. Lamont Wood, MD
The role of the primary care provider is to help people handle their medical problems. You help them deal with their day-to-day problems; you address their medical issues and make referrals if you need to; and you help them as far as quarterly visits, taking care of their medicines and making sure they get the care that they need.

If you have chronic medical issues, you should probably be working with your primary care provider on a regular basis. Depending on what you have, it might be as frequent as every three months to at least yearly.

Urgent care is good for taking care of the acute problem that pops up. Urgent care is fine on weekends, or when your provider is not in, then that might be a good place for them. If you think about it during the week, if you can get in to see someone who knows you, even for the acute problem, they can help take care of that issue.

The thing about being a primary care physician, one of the reasons you get up in the morning is that interaction with your patients. The very first time I was at a ballgame, and a little kid pointed to me and said, “That’s my doctor,” you had to put a weight on me to keep me from bouncing off the ceiling. That’s how good that was.

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