Successful Weight-Loss Strategies

Baptist Health Floyd: Successful Weight-Loss Strategies

Bariatric surgeon Lanny Gore, MD, describes the gastric sleeve procedure, discussing its role in an overall weight-loss program and the health benefits that can follow.

Successful Weight-Loss Strategies Health Talks Transcript

Lanny Gore, MD, Bariatric and General Surgery
Obesity is absolutely a medical condition. It’s related to a lot of severe medical problems that people have like diabetes and sleep apnea, high blood pressure, back pain, joint pain. It’s not just related to poor eating habits. It has a lot to do with our culture, and it’s complex and very difficult to try to manage.

Sandia Bomersbach, New Albany, Indiana
My weight was affecting my health. You know, honestly, I didn’t eat like I should a lot of times … which did not help the blood pressure.

Dr. Gore
The most commonly performed procedure that we’re doing right now is the gastric sleeve, and it’s very effective. It involves making the stomach smaller by removing most of the stomach, leaving a small banana-shaped stomach, like a tube. We have seen dramatic weight loss with gastric sleeve here.

I started at 238 pounds and I’m at 144 pounds, so I’ve lost 94 pounds.

Dr. Gore
Patients should remember it is a tool, and still your diet and your exercise habits very much influence how successful it’s going to be.

They taught us how, you know, to try and eat slowly and drink plenty of water. The thing that helped me a lot, too, was learning to take small bites, to kind of pace yourself, or you know, just sit, and just eat and enjoy your food.

Dr. Gore
Patients really need help with it, and we have that here at Baptist Floyd. We can help them with their weight-loss goals and help them get the help that they need.

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