Surprising Foods that are High Sodium


While you probably know that fast food, canned soup and microwaveable meals are high in salt, we put together a list of foods that are surprisingly high in sodium. No more getting tricked here!

  • Cottage cheese. Sure, cottage cheese is a great source of calcium and protein, but with it comes a large amount of sodium. A normal 1/2 cup serving of 1-2% low-fat cottage cheese clocks in at 450 milligrams of sodium – a whopping 19% of your recommended daily allowance!
  • Canned vegetables. Opening up a can of veggies as a side or to put in a soup or in a pot of chili can boost nutrition in your diet, but know that those canned veggies (and most times beans, too) come with a price: salt. Just half a cup of canned sliced carrots has 370 milligrams of sodium, cream-style corn has 365 milligrams of sodium and diced tomatoes have 520 milligrams of sodium. Reduce your sodium intake by buying no-salt version of your favorite canned veggies or – even better – buy fresh veggies!
  • Bread. Here’s a shocker: most commercial breads have more than 100 milligrams of sodium per slice. And those specialty rolls, bagels and other breads and muffins that are so tasty? They can even have as much as 300-400 milligrams per serving. Again, look for low-sodium varieties of your favorite breads.
  • Cereal. Most of us think of cereal being more sweet than salty, but you’d be surprised by how much salt is lurking in your morning cereal bowl. One cup of granola has 200 milligrams of sodium. The best defense? Check those nutrition labels.
  • Deli meats. When it comes to sneaky salt, you don’t get much sneakier than the salt in deli meats. Just a one-ounce slice of turkey or chicken (the packaged kind you buy at the grocery store) will give you about 250 to 300 milligrams of sodium depending on the brand.

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