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New Heart Valve Clinic

Cardiac surgeon Wayne Lipson explains how heart valve disease develops and how Baptist Health provides comprehensive treatment in its Heart Valve Clinic.
breast pain and breast lumps

What Do Breast Pain and Lumps Mean?

Your monthly breast self-exam reveals a lump and some breast pain. What do you do? The answer - try to remain calm and remember...
Tips for Dealing with a Gassy Baby

What Causes Babies to Have Gas?

As every parent knows, babies can become very uncomfortable when gas builds up in their intestinal tract. Why are they prone to becoming gassy?...

Skin Cancer Risks

Most people in our region have spent considerable time outdoors in their lifetime, whether it has been working on a farm, playing on a ball...
Cancer University

Cancer University: Educating and Empowering YOU

If you have ever cringed at the C word, cried in fear or memory of its impact, fearfully anticipated a scan, or simply wanted...