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Taking Care of Your Feet

Learn how Baptist Health Madisonville treats plantar fasciitis without surgery, helping patients get back on their feet again.

Safety Tips for Pools

Nearly 1,000 kids die every year by drowning. And most drownings take place in home swimming pools. It is the second leading cause of...

Staying healthy during the hectic holidays

From Halloween to New Year’s, the holidays are filled with high-sugar, high-calorie treats to wreck your diet and extra activities to derail your daily...

Utilizing SpyGlass Technology with Endoscopy Procedures in Lexington

Baptist Health uses SpyGlass technology in endoscopy procedures that examine the bile ducts and pancreas. Learn how SpyGlass procedures assist with the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal conditions, such as gallstones.

Recipe: Roasted Mushroom Fajitas

You won't want to miss this roasted mushroom fajitas recipe! The vegetables are roasted to bring out their full flavor and are best when...