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Importance of Lung Cancer Screening

Baptist Health LaGrange radiologist Richard Waggener discusses lung cancer screening and emphasizes its importance in the early detection of lung cancer.

Crack Your Baby’s Crying Code

For first time parents, it can be quite frustrating when your newborn cries and you don’t know why. By learning about the different types...
Michael Watson, DO Paducahvideo

What Family Medicine Means in Paducah, Kentucky

Family medicine providers focus on helping families become and stay healthy through prevention and lifestyle management. Learn what to expect when you visit a Baptist Health family medicine practice in Paducah, Kentucky.
The Effects of Stress on the Heart

The Effects of Stress on the Heart

How Does Stress Affect Your Heart? How does stress affect your heart? Stress is a condition in which your body reacts to a “threatening” situation...

7 Ways to Wake Your Kids Up for School

After a summer of late nights and slack rules on bedtime, you may be having a hard time getting your children up for school....