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5 Relaxation Techniques for a Mental Health Vacation

Sometimes you need to get away, but you don't have the time or money. Don't despair: A mental vacation can help reduce your stress....

Diabetes and Poor Circulation: Why It Happens and How To Address or Prevent It

How Does Diabetes Cause Poor Circulation? Diabetes affects the body in many ways, including that it can have a negative impact on blood flow. How...
Carol Jordan, RN Corbinvideo

Mother and Baby Care in Corbin, Kentucky

Baptist Health provides maternal and infant care during labor, delivery, and recovery. Learn more about mother and baby healthcare from Baptist Health Corbin.

Breastfeeding 101

It’s common knowledge that breast milk is great for your baby. It’s rich in nutrients and antibodies that help protect your baby from infection, help...
What Is Cancer Remission?

What Is Cancer Remission?

When your doctor tells you that your cancer, or that of a loved one, is in remission, that means that all tests, scans, and...