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Christopher Pitcock, MD Lousivillevideo

Regenerative Use of Bone Marrow Aspiration in Louisville, Kentucky

The bone marrow aspiration procedure uses stem cells to help the body repair itself and generate new tissue to damaged areas. Learn about this regenerative stem cell therapy from Baptist Health.

Fall Prevention Tips

Each year, over 2.5 million Americans visit the emergency room due to a fall-related injury. Falls can cause serious injury, disability, depression and even...
Crash Diet Heart Health

The Relationship Between Crash Diets & Heart Health

Fad diets just make you hungry and grumpy. Whether you try the cabbage-soup diet, a juice cleanse or another regimen that promotes speed over...

The Difference Between Headaches and Migraines

Virtually everyone feels pain or pressure in their head from time to time. Knowing whether what you’re experiencing is a typical headache or a...

Richmond’s Renovation and Expansion

Doctors Paul Turley and Gina D’Costa introduce Richmond's renovation and expansion in the Emergency Department at Baptist Health Richmond.