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what is bone broth

The Many Health Benefits of Bone Broth

Bone broth is a nutrient-rich liquid made by boiling animal bones and connective tissue. Typically made from chicken, beef or fish, it can be...

Hidden Signs of Heart Attack

Cardiologist Bradley McElroy, MD discusses early symptoms of heart attack: aching jaws or arms, shortness of breath, tightness in throat, sweatiness, nausea, and crushing chest pain.

The Role of Primary Care Doctors in Madisonville

Baptist Health's primary care doctors play an important role in the lives of their patients, helping them with everything from everyday aches and pains to chronic illnesses. Learn more about when to go to urgent care vs. primary care doctors for health issues.

10-Minute Chocolate Mousse

If you made a New Year's resolution to eat more healthfully, but you're craving something sweet, don't worry - we've got the perfect heart-healthy...

What To Have In A First Aid Kit

Why is it important to have a first aid kit? The answer is that having the right first aid supplies in your home and...