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What Is A Gynecologist And What Do They Do?

A gynecologist is a physician specializing in the health of the female reproductive systems (ovaries, uterus, and vagina) and the breasts. Sometimes you will...

Technological Advances in Neurology

Find out how telehealth physicians evaluate patients for neurology conditions using video monitors, providing urgent specialty care in rural areas.

5 Healthy Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Despite what many may think, it is possible to enjoy ringing in the New Year and feel healthier the next day. Here are a...

Steps to Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Enough with the theories about breast cancer. We’ve heard so many things through the years: Women deficient in vitamin D might have a higher...
effect of diabetes on women

The Risk Factors of Diabetes in Women

If you're a woman with diabetes, you need to be extra vigilant about your health. That's because diabetes can be particularly hazardous for women. While...