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The Importance of Family Medicine in Madisonville

Family medicine is important because it helps treat a number of conditions affecting your whole family. Learn more about the family medicine team at Baptist Health Madisonville.

The Science of a Broken Heart

Can a Broken Heart Cause Physical Pain? Most people have experienced emotional heartbreak. What is often break-up pain or pain from the death of a...

Pediatric Sleep Apnea

Does your child snore at night?  Does your child have pauses in breathing, toss and turn in bed, or often breathe through the mouth...

4 Healthy Lunch Alternatives to Fast Food

Everyone looks forward to lunchtime, but are you eating the right foods? Lunch goers usually like to opt for something affordable yet convenient. And...

Spare Organs & Their Functions

Our bodies are finely tuned machines...with a few extra widgets. We think of our organs as pretty vital things, but we can function just...