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The Importance of Lung Cancer Screening

Learn the importance of lung cancer screenings, especially for smokers, and how early diagnosis helps treatment.

What Type of Disorder Is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a serious psychotic mental disorder in which a breakdown occurs in the relationship between a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior. As a...
Negative Thinking

What Causes Negative Thinking & How to Stop It

We all have negative thoughts at times. Anger, fear, shame and other unpleasant emotions are normal when they arise and then fade away. However,...

Drinking enough water?

The amount of water you need to drink daily depends on your weight and activity level. According to the institute of Medicine, the average...

Healthy Resolutions You’ll Keep

We've all made live-healthier declarations at the start of the new year. The problem is, most of the time, they're just too grand. Big...