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Over-The-Counter Earwax Solutions

Over 12 million Americans receive earwax treatment from their physicians each year. Many opt for alternative remedies such as ear candling and over-the-counter ear...

Knee Replacement Surgery in La Grange

Watch a patient's story of how recent advances in knee replacement surgery impacted his experience. Baptist Health offers new advances in knee replacement surgery in order to improve the procedure and encourage faster recovery for patients.

Advanced MRI Technology

Dustin Devers, DO, describes the new advanced MRI technology, which provides a more accurate diagnosis and more comfortable experience for patients. Watch video.
sugar addiction

Do You Have a Sugar Problem?

By now, you might be tired of hearing health types rag on sugar. Yeah, too much contributes to obesity, diabetes and heart disease, but…it’s...

Cut Your Chances of Getting Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cancer killer in the U.S. But, if everyone aged 50 years or older had regular screening tests, at...