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cocoa powder

Just One Thing: Cocoa Powder

Yes, we are about to label chocolate a health food — sort of. Cocoa powder, which is used to make chocolate, contains compounds called...

Waist Circumference Risks

To see into the future of your health, look at your waist. Some research indicates that waist circumference can predict possible health risks better...

Repairing an Abdominal Hernia

Learn how seeking treatment for an abdominal hernia can relieve pain and discomfort, as well as prevent a potential emergency situation.

Patient on a Healthier Path Following ‘Ping’ Intervention

A month without an emergency department visit is a good month indeed. And it’s been a good month for a Western Kentucky resident who went...

Stress Fracture Symptoms

A stress fracture is a small crack in a bone caused by repetitive stress from activities that require running and jumping. Most stress fractures...