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Is Red Wine Good for the Heart?

This question has been kicked around for nearly three decades now. And the answer is still a big, fat “maybe.” Is Red Wine Good for...

Flu Symptoms & Prevention

As winter nears, be sure to recognize the symptoms and signs of the flu. Find out how Baptist Health can help you prevent the flu and keep your family healthy.

What is a Mammogram? Common Mammogram Questions

Women won’t confuse a mammogram with a spa day, but the Imaging Center at Baptist Health Paducah tries to eliminate the anxiety with soft...

Safety Tips for Pools

Nearly 1,000 kids die every year by drowning. And most drownings take place in home swimming pools. It is the second leading cause of...
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How Does Diet Affect Cancer Treatment or Prevention?

Diet and cancer are linked in a number of ways. For example, what you eat can impact your risk of developing cancer. And if...