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The Importance of Well-Baby Visits

Pediatrician Sarah Thayer, MD, discusses well-child visit guidelines, including the importance of well-baby visits, what to expect during the examination, and how often to bring your child in to see the doctor.

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Marsha’s Favorite Kale

Kale is a hip vegetable of the moment, but there’s backlash, too, as if health food has finally gone too far. You’ve no doubt...
temporal lobe epilepsy deja vu

Deja Vu and Epilepsy Explained

Many people have experienced déjà vu — the feeling that events unfolding now have also occurred in the past, even though you know they...

Starting to Sneeze? 6 Tips for Surviving Ragweed Season

You shouldn't be surprised if you’re sneezing, coughing or getting watery-eyed while reading this article. First, Kentucky is one of the worst places to...