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Full-Service Breast Cancer Center in Corbin

The Breast Cancer Center at Baptist Health is a full-service breast center offering mammogram screenings, diagnostics, treatments, and more. We believe one of the most important things a woman can do is put her health first: an early diagnosis is the best way to start. Learn more about our proactive initiatives.

Drink This, Not That

You may have heard the warning: Don’t drink your calories. That bit of wisdom recognizes that beverages can be as waistline-expanding as a cheeseburger...
Kids and Computer Eye Strain

Kids and Computer Eye Strain

Children today spend more time working and playing on computers than any generation before. On average, teenagers spend approximately 17 - 20 hours a...

Can Menopause Cause Depression?

The hormonal changes that occur during perimenopause (the period of life preceding menopause) and menopause — in particular, declining estrogen levels — affect a...
Cancer Care

Common Side Effects of Chemotherapy

When undergoing treatment for cancer, patients can find themselves subjected to a range of side effects of chemotherapy. Side effects often vary with the...