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NanoKnife Surgery in Lexington

NanoKnife therapy technology targets cells with electricity versus heat or cold in order to maintain the integrity of your blood vessels. Learn more about the NanoKnife surgery for cancer from Baptist Health Lexington.
how does an insulin pump work

Insulin Pump 101: What It Is & How It Works

What Is an Insulin Pump? If you have diabetes, you know that keeping your blood sugar in the normal range helps you feel better. You...

Upper GI Test Procedures: Barium Swallow vs. Endoscopy

Two procedures used to examine the digestive tract are a barium swallow and an endoscopy. While they are related in their goal of helping...

Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, but even if you are watching your weight that doesn't mean that you have to skip out on all the...

What Are The Differences Between PET Scans vs. MRIs?

PET (positron emission tomography) scans and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans are procedures that produce pictures of the inside of the body that a...