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3 Tips to Keep Your Blood Sugar from Plunging During Pregnancy

Hypoglycemia, known as low blood sugar, is common during pregnancy because hormones affect how a woman’s body processes glucose (sugar). When you become too...

The Gentle C-Section

Learn about the gentle c-section that allows parents to experience immediate bonding with their baby that you don’t experience with a regular cesarean.

Back Pain & Symptoms

Spine problems can be sneaky - they don't always show up as discomfort in your back. They're the kind of symptoms you're tempted to...
Winter indoor exercise options

Diabetes and Cold Weather – How To Exercise and Stay Warm

Exercise helps muscles effectively take up glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream, which is why it's so valuable in controlling diabetes. However, braving the elements...

Allergy Testing & Treatment

Primary care physician David Williams, MD, Baptist Health Corbin, discusses the importance of testing for allergies and the benefits of finding appropriate preventive treatments before...