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What To Eat & What Not To Eat While Breastfeeding

How Important is Eating Healthy While Breastfeeding? Eating healthy while breastfeeding benefits both moms and their breastfed babies. But what are the best foods to...
Laura Barkley, MDvideo

How to Detect Breast Cancer with Mammograms in Kentuckiana

Breast cancer can be effectively treated if detected early. Learn how radiologists detect breast cancer with mammograms at Baptist Health Louisville.

What Happens During The ACL Recovery Timeline?

Commonly recognized as one of the most dreaded injuries in sports, an ACL injury can sideline an athlete for an entire season, requiring surgery...
medical imaging

Types of Diagnostic Medical Imaging Explained

Medical imaging is the process of creating visual representations of internal organs, bones, abnormal growths or inflammations, and other structures or areas. It is...

Heart Failure Clinic

Nurse practitioner talks about the services and resources offered in the hospital’s Heart Failure Clinic and discusses the symptoms of heart disease.