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Learn How to Get Your 10,000 Steps Per Day!

When you're short on time, is your workout the first thing to go? There's another way to sneak exercise into a busy schedule. The...

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) in Lexington

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) is a treatment protocol for surgeries that helps patients return to their daily routine faster. By following the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery program, Baptist Health supports your post-operative recovery.

Walking Pneumonia

Pneumonia is an inflammation of airways in the lungs and caused by a viral, bacterial or fungal infection. Unlike bronchitis, which affects the bronchial...
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Personal Family Experience with Hospice Care

Melissa, a community representative for Baptist Health Home Care, spends her days educating patients, families, and community partners about the benefits and services of home health care. However, when...

Antioxidants for Arthritis

While there's no question that our eating habits have a big influence on our health, some health experts believe that certain foods can help...