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Treating Kidney Stones

Learn about kidney stones, including how to prevent them and how Baptist Health Corbin treats kidney stones.

Detection of Breast Cancer

Lawrence Mason, MD, Radiology/Breast Imaging: A mammogram is an X- ray of the breast where the energy beam is narrowed into a specialized range that...

New Heart Valve Clinic

Cardiac surgeon Wayne Lipson explains how heart valve disease develops and how Baptist Health provides comprehensive treatment in its Heart Valve Clinic.

3D Mammography

Radiologist Shardan Radmanesh explains 3D Mammography for breast cancer detection. Seeing dense breast tissue in thinner slices helps find smaller cancers earlier.
Acupuncture vs Dry Needling

Dry Needling vs. Acupuncture: What’s The Difference?

Dry needling is a treatment that uses thin, stainless steel needles (called filiform needles) that are gently inserted into tissue or muscle to stimulate...