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Travel Tips with a Toddler

Traveling with a toddler

Traveling by plane with an infant or toddler can be stressful for parents, children and other passengers. While there’s no way to guarantee a...

Acute Adult/Geriatric Behavioral Health Unit

Learn how the Baptist Health Madisonville behavioral health team provides mental healthcare to hospital patients who are recovering from other conditions.

Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgeon Derek Weiss explains weight loss surgery options and describes the minimally invasive laparoscopic/robotics Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure.

Does Deodorant Cause Cancer?

Is your antiperspirant giving you cancer? It's a rumor that never seems to die: the scary claim that wearing antiperspirant can give you breast...
signs of bone cancer

How To Know if You Have the Early Signs & Symptoms of Bone Cancer

Bone cancer is a tumor of the bone. It is malignant (cancerous) and destroys normal bone tissue. Bone cancer that starts on the bone...