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6 School-Year Survival Tips for Busy Families

The kids are back in school. Between car pools, homework and after-school activities – not to mention your own obligations – how do you have time to...
signs of bone cancer

How To Know if You Have the Early Signs & Symptoms of Bone Cancer

Bone cancer is a tumor of the bone. It is malignant (cancerous) and destroys normal bone tissue. Bone cancer that starts on the bone...

Barometric Pressure, Stormy Weather, and Migraines

Spring is the start of tornado season in Kentucky. Unfortunately, stormy weather and barometric changes can trigger migraines, warns Baptist Health Medical Group neurologist...
Can I drink alcohol with diabetes?

Alcohol and Diabetes: Proceed with Caution

Is it OK to drink alcohol if you have diabetes? Start by asking yourself three basic questions: Is my diabetes under control? Does my doctor agree...

Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss

Maintain weight loss can be difficult, but it's possible with a smart and practical plan in place. Bariatric surgeon and patient Paige Quintero provides nine ways to keep the weight off through healthy diet choices and regular exercise.