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What's the Difference Between Bipolar I and Bipolar II?

Bipolar I vs Bipolar II

Bipolar disorder is a condition characterized by unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity level and the ability to complete daily living tasks. Types of Bipolar...

Staying healthy during the hectic holidays

From Halloween to New Year’s, the holidays are filled with high-sugar, high-calorie treats to wreck your diet and extra activities to derail your daily...

4 Sources of Holiday Stress

There are numerous well-known sources of holiday stress - too much work, too many calories, too many guests, too many miles to travel, too...

5 Tips For Living With Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease manifests differently in everyone. Certain foods may trigger symptoms in one patient and not cause a problem for others. Living with the...

Detecting and Treating Stroke

La Grange doctors John Melton and Ryan Smith explain why “minutes matter” when it comes to stroke, and describe stroke symptoms and treatment. Watch video.