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Preventing the Flu

Benjamin Klausing, MD, explains the importance of preventing the flu with a flu shot and how the vaccine helps keep you from getting sick. Watch Health Talks video.

Outdoor Decorating Safety

Each year during the holiday season, more than 14,000 people are treated in hospital emergency rooms due to injuries such as falls, cuts and...

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Your daily commute can take a serious toll on your health. Long commutes (more than 15 miles) have been linked to high stress levels,...

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Can Air Purifiers Be Harmful? Clean air is essential to good health. To improve the indoor air quality where they live or work, some people...
signs and symptoms of preeclampsia

Signs & Symptoms of Preeclampsia

Pregnancy is a confusing time. Lots of changes take place in a woman’s body, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between...