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Brain Food: Mediterranean Diet

The tastiest way to prevent a stroke? Go Mediterranean. When it comes to food, "the Mediterranean diet may reduce stroke risk," said Alex Abou-Chebl,...

Coconut Water – Nature’s Sports Drink?

The importance of hydrating before, during and after exercise cannot be understated. Sports drinks, such as Gatorade and Powerade, are typically the beverage of...

Skin Cancer Risks

Most people in our region have spent considerable time outdoors in their lifetime, whether it has been working on a farm, playing on a ball...

5 Surprising Causes of Headaches

Muscle tension and stress are two common causes of headaches, which afflict 45 million Americans (most of them women). But, sometimes the usual suspects...

Richmond’s Renovation and Expansion

Doctors Paul Turley and Gina D’Costa introduce Richmond's renovation and expansion in the Emergency Department at Baptist Health Richmond.