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What are the Differences between Asthma vs. Bronchitis

Are You Experiencing Trouble Breathing? Asthma and bronchitis are conditions that cause difficulty breathing. While some of their symptoms are similar, there’s a difference between...
Is My Toddler Getting Enough of the Right Nutrition?

Is My Toddler Getting Enough of the Right Nutrition?

What Types and Amounts of Food Should My Child Eat? Parents often ask, “How do I know if my toddler is getting enough to eat...
spring allergy symptoms

Spring Allergy Symptoms and Remedy Tips

Seasonal allergies occur when changes in the environment cause more allergens to become airborne. While there are different allergy “seasons” throughout the year, springtime,...

Spot the Signs of a Stroke

In Kentucky, stroke is the number five killer and the number one cause of adult disability. But if you call 911 at the earliest...

Screening for Breast Cancer in Lexington

Baptist Health recommends getting your first mammogram screening by age forty. Learn more about how to take action and schedule a breast exam with us.