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Screening for Breast Cancer in Lexington

Baptist Health recommends getting your first mammogram screening by age forty. Learn more about how to take action and schedule a breast exam with us.

6 Spots Where You Can Find Flu Viruses

The flu can be transmitted by touching surfaces that contain the virus, and then by touching your eyes, nose or mouth. While getting the...

Taking Care of Your Newborn

Having a newborn can be both exciting and terrifying, especially for first-time parents. It can be overwhelming to know that your new little bundle...

Ask the Doctor: Can Weight Gain During the Holidays be Avoided?

Halloween candy, Thanksgiving feasts, and holiday parties: The last few months of the year test even the most disciplined weight watcher. Despite our worst...

Advanced MRI Technology

Dustin Devers, DO, describes the new advanced MRI technology, which provides a more accurate diagnosis and more comfortable experience for patients. Watch video.