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what is the difference between a seizure and epilepsy

The Difference Between Seizures and Epilepsy

A question frequently asked by someone who has had an epileptic seizure or who has a loved one who has had one is, “Are...

Make Healthy Popcorn at Home

Buttery, salty popcorn is not a healthy snack – it’s loaded with fats, sodium and unnecessary calories. That doesn’t mean all popcorn is bad...
Michael Watson, DO Paducahvideo

What Family Medicine Means in Paducah, Kentucky

Family medicine providers focus on helping families become and stay healthy through prevention and lifestyle management. Learn what to expect when you visit a Baptist Health family medicine practice in Paducah, Kentucky.

Patient Credits Neurologist With Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Joseph Seipel, MD, is the latest recipient of Baptist Health Medical Group’s “Doing Amazing Things” award. Dr. Seipel, a neurologist, helped detect breast cancer in...
Crash Diet Heart Health

The Relationship Between Crash Diets & Heart Health

Fad diets just make you hungry and grumpy. Whether you try the cabbage-soup diet, a juice cleanse or another regimen that promotes speed over...