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heat rash

What is Heat Rash and How is it Treated?

Heat rash is a condition in which blocked pores result in perspiration being trapped under the skin. Also known as miliaria and prickly heat,...

School and Sports Physicals Made Easy This Summer

Summer has just begun. School is out and pool is open. But, before you know it, school will be back in session. If your...
life after cancer

Coping with Life Changes After Cancer

Life is a journey, and cancer is a major detour that no one plans for. If that “regular” life journey is like driving on the...
Emergency or Urgent Care

The Difference Between Urgent Care & the ER

When you’re worried about your health, you want answers now. However, there are conditions that require prompt medical attention but are not emergencies. It’s...
Thomas Whealton, DO Corbinvideo

Pain Management Treatment Options in Corbin, Kentucky

Pain management is focused on reducing the amount of pain the body is feeling or perceiving after ruling out pathology. Learn about the pain management services at Baptist Health.