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Advanced Surgical Procedures

General surgeon Kristin Moore, MD explains how minimally invasive surgical procedures require smaller incisions, result in less pain, and allow patients to return to their daily activities faster.

Forgetfulness vs. Dementia

"Where are my keys?" Who hasn't uttered this phrase in frustration? For some of us, this is accompanied by fear, followed by another nagging question,...

Pregnant Women Should Be Choosy About Sunscreen

Pregnant women should use caution when selecting a sunscreen. Some sunscreens contain retinyl palmitate, an ingredient that could increase the risk of birth defects. It's...

Ask the Doctor: Personal Patient Advocacy

In online healthcare forums, community boardrooms and hospital corporate offices these days the conversation is centered on "patient engagement." The problem is, our country's...
Cancer Prevention

Five Common Types of Cancer

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then tips to prevent cancer are worth their weight in gold. Amy Schell,...