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What is Leukemia? Everything You Need to Know

Leukemia is cancer of your white blood cells. It develops in your bone marrow and spreads into your blood and other organs. More than...

Importance of Lung Cancer Screening

Baptist Health LaGrange radiologist Richard Waggener discusses lung cancer screening and emphasizes its importance in the early detection of lung cancer.

Detecting Heart Problems

Cardiologist Jesse Adams, MD discusses prevention and treatment of heart problems. Watch this Health Talks video to learn how stress tests and other diagnostic procedures help identify narrowing or blockage in the arteries.
Sleep Positions

Best Sleeping Positions

Most people have a sleeping position that they find to be the best way to sleep. However, every position has its health benefits and...

Sleep Cycles and Stages of Sleep

While sleep may feel like one long period of unconsciousness, perhaps broken up by some dreams, it’s actually more complex than that. There are...