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7 Steps to Stay Healthy in the New Year

Each year, we make resolutions to exercise regularly, eat well, and give up smoking and other bad habits. Following these basic rules could cut...

Bariatric Solutions for Weight Loss

Learn how Paducah bariatric doctors work with patients and a dietitian to ensure successful weight loss after bariatric surgery.

Easy & Healthy Food Swaps for Weight Loss

If the eggnog and cookies you indulged in over the holidays left you feeling like you need the Jaws of Life to escape your...

Allergy Testing & Treatment

Primary care physician David Williams, MD, Baptist Health Corbin, discusses the importance of testing for allergies and the benefits of finding appropriate preventive treatments before...

Keep Kids Safe During the Holidays

The holidays are great, but parents should take precautions so their children can enjoy a healthy and happy season: Parking precautions. Shopping malls and...